The voyage home

Seeing as the weather this morning was fine-ish with very light winds I decided to do an experiment. I tried driving at the speed limit or as close as the road conditions allowed from Mullion back to Oxford but changing gear early and being as light on the throttle as possible to see what fuel effciency I could get out of my 5 year old SAAB 93 2 litre light pressure turbo car.

So, after journeying for 5.5 hours (with a half hour stop) I finally got home with an average fuel consumption of 44.9mph. Not bad for a performance car.. and even with a very light foot on the throttle I was still out accelerating some cars from some junctions.

Anyway, that’s the end of my Easter holiday. I’ve nearly unpacked, I have dinner to get and then it’s not too long until it’s time for bed and thence back to work tomorrow. :-/

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