Not a great deal has been happening since last weekend. It’s merely been a combination of get up, go to work, come home, eat, a bit of rest and then sleep again.

I did decide on Friday that you’ve got to be in it to win it for the EuroMillions lottery. Well, one gamble in 10 years isn’t going to hurt. So, I splashed out £15 on 10 rows of numbers. And yes, I won!!!

OK, you’re now thinking that I’m rolling in loadsamoney! But no, I got one main number and the two “lucky star” numbers on one line.. so I won the grand total of £8.90. Woo! Hoo! So, I’m only £6.10 in the red after that flutter. 🙂

Otherwise, yesterday I had “fun” upgrading the operating system on my household server. It might be easier to say what it didn’t break than what it did. Let’s say the the webserver broke, the mail server broke, spamassassin broke and the gallery web application broke as well. This latter breakage prompted my to upgrade my photo library to Gallery Version 2 (after fixing all the other breakage). After starting the upgrade process at 3pm I finally got to bed at about 1:15am.

Still, after a nice lay in, getting up at 11:30am, I’m feeling ok. I’ve done some dysoning, had sausage sarnies for lunch and done a bit of tidying. But it’s already a quarter past three and it feels like I’ve lost a day somewhere. How can the weekend so nearly be over already?

Anyway, tomorrow’s my birthday. I might arrange to go out for a meal.. or not, tomorrow. Dunno yet.

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  1. Hello Em,

    It’s always nice to hear from you (and your madhouse).

    I’m fine. It’s nearly a year since you visited me and my little house, doesn’t time fly?!

  2. Well, other than around Easter (i.e. Easter weekend and the weekend after) and possibly the first week of the month (if I’m called up for minibus driving duties in Greece) I should be free. 🙂

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