Open Source Crazy.

With the GPLv3 on the way and all the Free Software/Open Source ideology battles going on, I think it’s time to write a fundamentalist Free Software license. Obviously the GPL isn’t hard core enough and is far too lenient on the evil proprietary software vendors.. so here’s the first draft:

The Alpha Pure Ecology license.

(1) The Software is free to everyone. No-one can charge for it or any work derived from it.
(2) The source code of The Software must not only be freely given to all those who ask for it but forced upon anyone you meet, even if they have no idea what it’s for. If they refuse it you must continue to pester them until they relent.
(3) A derived work is determined to be any code written by anyone who has even glanced at the code in passing. The contents of the brain of such a person is classed as a derived work.
(4) Anyone who has produced or thought of producing derived work will have to release any back catalogue of software written or contributed to by them using this license.
(5) The Software and any derived work will have the word string “APE/” prepended to its name in recognition that it’s been 0w3d by this 1337 1Ic3n53 and is ideologically pure.
(6) And company which is the current boggy-man as deemed by the population who frequent Slashdot will be banned from using The Software or any person’s brain who has been tainted by this license as described in provision (3).
(7) Once The Software has been released under this license it can’t be used with any other license unless it’s a newer and more hard core version of this license.

So, do you think that’s hard core and viral enough? If not, can you do better?

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