I’m not sure about this…

In this article from the BBC news web site about building a silent aircraft there’s one statement which I, for one, would disagree with quite a lot, and that is:-

“For passengers we think it will be like flying in a cinema or theatre seat.
“People are used to that and I think they will be very comfortable with the new design.”

Now, if I couldn’t see the outside and the whole “room” was moving and jolting without any external reference I would feel very uneasy indeed. During the only flights I have taken i sat at a window seat one way and a centre seat on the way back. When I could see out of the window at an external reference point I was fine.. I could understand how the plane was moving and why. On the way back I found it very disconcerting not being able to have an external view and only disjointed motion from the seat.

How do other people feel about this?

2 thoughts on “I’m not sure about this…

  1. I used to feel the same way. I had to sit near a window seat at all costs and even then, I’d still feel queasy. However, I’m a lot better now and have sat in centre aisle seats without much problem. However, I like looking out the window. The scenery is one of the best parts about flying.

    • I’d go with the scenary bits. Though I don’t suffer from travel sickness, those I know who do, like to be able to see out and it seems to help them.

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