Half decent weather. Yay!

We went off to Charlestown to see the tall ship and maritime museum there.

On the whole, it’s not that brilliant with mostly junk from ship wrecks which is poorly marked and in no real order. As for Charlestown, well it’s not picturesque and has only one set of public loos which are across the harbour and up the coast path on the top of a cliff. Not the most convenient place, especially if you’re disabled.

The visit was also marred by my Mum having one of her less good days, especially when in the museum where her only thought was where the exit was and why weren’t we going for food yet.

After lunch, because my Mum wouldn’t get out of the car and wanted to go, we left Charlestown and started going homewards. However, my Dad and I hatched a plan to visit somewhere else on the way. To this end I took some turnings and eventually made our way to St.Anthony’s Head via St. Mawes.

The views from St. Anthony of the Carrick Roads and the eastern side of The Lizard are spectacular on a clear day as today was (despite the showers ).

There’s still no ADSL for my Dad, so he’ll have to cope on his own with getting it working as BT Wholesale only work during the week and I go home on Sunday.

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