One word:- Rain.

OK, there was more to the day. It wasn’t worth going anywhere special. However, we did go down to Redruth to get some steel box tube and some U bolts so that my Dad can build a frame to allow him to fit the bike carrier we have onto his roof rack.

Because of heavy traffic on the road between Helston and Redruth we decided to divert over to Pool and see how Tesco had rebuilt the old “Big W” warehouse to be a new Tesco’s Extra. This was a tactical error for two reasons: firstly, I saw that they were selling decent colour inkjet printers cheaply so I decided to buy one.. And so did my Dad. Secondly, it meant that we reached Andrews during their lunch hour so we could only get the U bolts and not the steel.

The Epson Stylus C66 prints photos reasonably, actually well for a 4 head printer, which is all I’ll be using it for. It’s silly how the cost of the printer including ink is only £25 more than the ink.

The ADSL is still not up and running after a week. Of course, we can’t chivy up Tiscali to remind BT Wholesale about the connection until Tiscali’s deadline of the 4th August. I wouldn’t put it past BT Wholesale to have lost the order or didn’t have the Mullion exchange ready for ADSL on its published ready for service date.

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