It was a day of good intentions.

I had intended to have a nice long walk this afternoon around the edge of Predannack airfield before the rains came and made the paths muddy. However, events prevented this.

I had not been happy about the transplanted CPU and motherboard I’d brought down to upgrade my Dad’s machine as his old case has the power supply sitting about 1cm above the top of the CPU fan. The CPU during normal operation was sitting at a rather unhealthy 68°C. So it was decided to pop down to the local computer shop and buy a new, cheap case, preferably without a power supply as we have two of those already.

So, this morning we go down to Gigabyte Computers… They have no cases in stock other than those ready to be built into new PCs for customers but they are expecting a delivery of them by 2pm. So, went away, had lunch and came back. Still no delivery but the proprietor kindly offers to sell us one of the cases he has ready for pre-built machines.

The upshot of all this dashing around was that it was getting late in the day. Add to this the fact that sea fog was rolling in and I gave up on the walk and instead moved the guts of my Dad’s PC from the old case to the new. The CPU is now far happier and runs at a pleasant 48°C.

The evening was spent getting frustrated by dial-up modems when trying to download some utils for my Dad. I’ve still not managed to get the Palm Desktop downloaded due to the combination of’s european website being broken and modems dropping the line 51% through the 15MB download. Grrr.

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