Well, Jess has just left.

She did manage to find my place, eventually.. though it took her a couple of runs up and down the estate to do so. Because of this we were a little late getting to the cinema but not too much. There was still time to get the tickets and popcorn before the film began.

The film itself was not exactly what I expected, with more plot twists and less of another “Die Hard” film. I guess Bruce is getting a bit old for that role now. Though the little kid did seem to be an apprentice for that role. (Not giving any significant spoilers.) Though I thought the ending did sort of leave a lot of plot points hanging. Oh, and the credits were very well done.

After the film we came back to my place where I plied Jess with tea (from a pot) and we chatted for a bit until it was time for her to leave.

As for vibes.. well, not sure. She said “we’ll have to catch up again soon” but in a paranoid way I’m not sure she meant it as the tone of voice wasn’t as upbeat as it could be. Anyway, I enjoyed the film.

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