The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

Today’s events:

The Good.

My new bike has arrived at the shop so I’ll be collecting it tomorrow morning.
My “spare” Atari ST arrived, it works and I’ve proved that the old disk drive I have is faulty and not my old ST.
The Tornado flight sim for the Amiga’s arrived.

The Bad.

As I was reversing out of my drive to go and collect the ST from work I bumped into the door of a car parked the opposite side of the road. I was doing about 1-2 mph att he time as I was carefully reversing out looking for traffic and cars behind me.. However, I didn’t see the dark green Micra. Even after I’d bumped the car I couldn’t see it in any of the windows and it wasn’t until I drove forward into the driveway and got out did I see what I’d hit. It took a number of knocks on doors until I found the owner, an estate agent who was valuing my next door neighbour’s house. I gave her my details. No damage to my car but a pushed in dent on the door of her car.

The Ugly.

It looks like I’ll not be able to leave Oxford over Easter as my colleague is going on a 3 week holiday to China. I *MAY* be able to drive down to Cornwall for a weekend over Easter, as in drive down on Good Friday and drive back on Easter Monday. Not exactly the break I usually need before the beginning of the summer term. Oh well.

1 thought on “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

  1. Just a quick note; I’ve started a community called (the name about says it all) and, based upon the fact that you took the time to stick old computers on your interest list (and, of course, that you’ve mentioned the ST right here), my vast intelligence network tells me you might like it. Feel free to check it out, or not. Y’know, whichever’s cool with you.

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