eBaying update.

Well, the machine arrived today. So, it’s definitely a positive first experience of eBay.

Now all I need for the machine are a set of Workbench 3.1 disks (which I’ve put an order in for at AmigaDeals (£16 inc. delivery)) and a monitor cable to connect to the back of my old Ferguson TV/RGB-monitor. (But I’ll need a trip to Maplins to get the DIN and D-shell plugs for that.)

1 thought on “eBaying update.

  1. For those of you still playing with their Amiga, I suggest you go to AmigaDeals if you need stuff. I placed the order for the Workbench disks just prior to posting the entry above and the disks were waiting in my pigeon hole in the department when I arrived this morning. how’s that for service?!

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