A Weekend in Norwich

This weekend I journeyed 180 miles to the ENE and found myself in Norwich, the castlated city in the middle of the flat lands of Norfolk. And there I found a bearded fellow called Steve Howe, his 15 year old daughter, Leila, and a visiting Madrigal called Lindsey.

And it came to pass on the Saturday that we did go out into the shops (eventually) and did introduce the Leila to the wonders of clothes shopping (using my debit card). If you’re interested in some before and after photographs, here’s a few… Before and After and another After.

Sunday was spent mostly eating chocolate croissants before a brief but very cold visit to Norwich city centre where it was almost impossible to find anywhere to eat/drink which was open. Eventually, it was time to go home so we said our good-byes and I departed back home.

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