We finally got to Truro this morning.

The first venue was Comet to try to buy a new cooker and combination microwave/convection oven as a smaller and more efficient alternative to the main oven. Unfortunately, the last of the model of duel fuel cooker my parents wanted had just been sold, so they had to just make do with the combination oven for the time being. (Their current gas oven is horribly inefficient and doesn’t work well.)

So, after these purchases it was of to the town centre where we had great fun trying to find a parking space. Even after we did the fates seemed to be against us as although I put £1.40 in the ticket machine it only registered £1.20 and so issued a 1 hour ticket but didn’t return the 50p over and above the charge for 1 hour. Grrrr.

The reduced length of the parking ticket combined with the remoteness of the car park meant that it was definitely only a whistle-stop tour of the shops and the bank. However, I did manage to pick up two DVDs for half price in WHSmiths.

Upon returning home (via ASDA) we unpacked and set up the new oven and caused a large amount of smoke as we heated it for the first time. Strangely, according to the manual this normal.

After lunch we watched one of my DVDs, “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.” On the whole an OK film but nothing special. The other DVD, “Matrix Revolutions” can wait for another day.

This evening I didn’t do much and managed to avoid “AI” on BBC1 after getting fed up with it after 20 minutes. I don’t know how I stood watching the film in the cinema. If a company is going to create an artificial child they should make sure it’s not as gormless at “David” as no-one could love such a being.

And thus the penultimate day of 2004 comes to a close. It’s now less that 13 hours ’til 2005 starts eroding the old year.

Some of you reading this may think it strange that I’ve not mentioned the earthquake in the Indian Ocean in these entries. This is two fold, really. Firstly, the earthquake itself is remarkable in size but it’s relatively normal for a subduction zone. The previous huge earthquakes in Alaska were in a similar setting. Secondly, although it’s a gigantic tragedy for the millions of people caught up in the after effects of the tsunami there’s not a lot which can be added in a journal which will have any effect or consiquence at all. Hence, there’s little point in mentioning it.

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