After a long lay in, I got up at about 11:15am. Lunch ensued and then we went off to Asda in Falmouth to get a new pillow (which should help me get a better night’s sleep) and thence into Helston so that my Dad could pay the money I took out of the Alliance & Leicester account when I closed it into his account. The money is the residue of that which was surplus when we bought this house after moving down from N.Bedfordshire in ’87. It’s going to be used to pay for a new front and back door.

This evening I managed to finish Half-Life 2. I can understand why some of the reviews said that the end was a bit of an anticlimax. Still, at least it didn’t have a big monster at the end and it’s definitely set up for a sequel, or possibly new chapter. It’s also somewhat longer than Return to Castle Wolfenstein, which is good, but somewhat shorter than the original Half-Life or the original Unreal. The one really disappointing thing about the game was thqt it was totally linear with only one route through the whole game.

Anyway, time for bed. Hopefully, the new pillow will give me a better sleep tonight.

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