Skating on thin ice.

Well, the skating trip on Tuesday evening went well. Though I did fall over once, quite spectacularly, apparently, backwards. This was the first time I’d fallen over in the three ice skating trips i’ve had, one in ’82, one in ’83 (both sixth form club events at school) and Tuesday. Oh well. At least most of the time I was going around the rink. I even managed about two full circuits without having to stablise myself using the wall.

After an idea in the pub after the skating, I’m now trying to organise an alternative Christmas do for department people. Ok, well, postgrads and postdocs. It’s hard going. No-one will have an opinion on anything so I’ve decided the date, next Wednesday, the time, around 7-ish and the place, Moonlight Tandori followed by The Zodiac for much merriment. No doubt someone will complain but tough, they should have raised their voice when they had the chance.

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