Not a wholey eventful day.

Basically, I watched “I, Robot” before lunch. I was pleasantly surprised by it. Let’s say that the trailer didn’t do it justice. It was a lot more thought provoking that I thought it might be. However, anyone who didn’t get that it was Viki what dunn it by the middle of the film obviously hasn’t watched “Tron” and “2001” enough. There were definite shades of HAL in some of the robotic characters as well as some of the back plot from “Tron.” Overall, for a Hollywood film, not too bad.

The only other accomplishment today was finally finishing Unreal II. OK. So, it took me about 2 years in total, but that was mainly cos I’d give up for many months at a time when I got stuck. Still, the propensity of mega bosses at the end was rather a let-down, as was the revelation that the boss of the rangers was the bad guy AND then the character you’re playing shoots him in cold blood during a cut scene. Talk about linear play and not allowing the player to actually mold the story at all. They could at least have had multiple endings at that point and left it to the player to decide what was done.

The rest of the evening was a bit dull as there was nothing on telly, really.

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