OK, so what’s been happening to me other than wibbling over the last couple of weeks since Cropredy?

Well, there was the visit to the ex-Mongolian Wok restaurant, I think it’s called SoJo’s now and it’s moved to a new building (with a redirection sign in the old window). It’s one of those places you go to have fun as an experience rathr then to enjoy the cuisine as you have to make up the dishes yourself.

Last Friday I popped over to Guildford to meet up with a bunch of the By The Gods exiles for a meal and a chat in a pub. Alec was there along with Maureen, Joe, Bevis, Bill and Tim (I think that’s everyone). Much fun was had, though the two hour journey to get there including an hour of traffic jams wasn’t. I didn’t take any of my cameras so no piccies, I’m afraid.

Saturday was Rachel & Graham’s open house/BBQ party. Great fun, lots of cricket, no burnt food, oh and lots of photographic mayhem. I have piccies, most of which were taken by Alec as he seemed to like to play with my camera. I’ll post them soon.

Sunday was spent still at Rachel and Graham’s eating up the left-overs from the party the day before. In the afternoon we all went off to see Shrek 2 in Basingstoke. However, due to a tactical miscalculation on the part of Graham, Chris was given some lemonade before we left which gave him wind. Chris became convinced that he was going to be sick with threw him into a tizzy and hence the biggest tantrum ever, all in the middle of the shopping centre and cinema. Rachel and Graham were not at all pleased. Once the film started, however, Chris calmed down and forgot all about his tummy ache.

As for the rest of the week, nothing much has happened. By parents arrived yesterday for the bank holiday weekend. As usual there’ll be a family get-together on Saturday when my uncle and aunt from Enfield visit. Other than that there are no plans.

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