Well, that’s it for another holiday. There’s that long drive ahead of me in the morning. It looks like I’ll be glad of the air conditioning as the temperature at home is likely to be hitting around 30°C.

Anyway, today was quite quiet. I tried and failed to get any further with Unreal II. We also visited Coverack and discovered that they were having their regatta. It was no-where near as big an even as I remeber it from the early 70’s. Then it was a big affair with life saving demonstrations by the local lifeboat and helicopter from Culdrose along with large numbers of boats. Today it was a handful of boats doing races across the bay. Until I read the signs I didn’t realise that there was anything special going on. There weren’t even crowds on the harbour wall. It used to be packed with people.

I guess it’s the product of three things; the decrease in fishing, the large number of holiday homes and hence less local people and the loss of the lifeboat in the mid-70’s.

Right time for bed. I need to be rested for the morning.

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