Again I reach the penultimate day in my holiday. Well, penultimate working day anyway.

After another slow start we trundled off to St.Mawes castle this afternoon. It was dry for a while after we got there. It started raining just as the automated tour system got to the bit where you go outside. My mum decided to go back to the car. I listened to the rest of the guide information from the handset before giving it back. I collected my big SAAB umbrella from the car boot and the returned to the grounds of the castle with my dad. After a quick tour of them in the pouring rain we gave up and went back to the car.

On the way back we went via the King Harry Ferry rather the very much longer road route. It was different, though it probably didn’t save any time (as we had to wait for the next turn on the ferry) and cost more than the extra petrol would have.

Anyway, it gave me more opportunities for taking pictures.

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