Today, as illuded to previously, I went for a nice walk along the cliffs. They weren’t just any old cliffs, no they were the cliffs at the bottom of the country, at The Lizard Point.

It was a nice walk, the weather was fine, though there was quite a stiff breeze off the sea which stopped you from overheating whilst toilling up the steep valleyside paths.

Returning to the car I was greeted by a brass band. OK it wasn’t actually for me, it was for the RNLI fund raising event taking place on the green. With a repetoire which included ABBA’s “Mummamia” and a Barry Manillow song, they seemed stuck firmly in the 1970’s.

Having videoed the Grand Prix we watched that after we got home. It was good to see button doing so well and some useful overtaking for a change. It’s very worrying for McLaren about the structural failure of Kimi Rikanen’s rear wing though.

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