Here we are again. Back down in Cornwall for another couple of weeks.

The trip down was rather a long one, about 7 hours! I left home aat abot 10:25am and first went and got some petrol and checked the tyre pressures.

It was after this that I made the first mistake, I went south along the A34 not knowing about the ongoing roadworks on the junction of the M4. I spent about 20 minutes in that jam.

The next jam was on the M5 starting at the junction with the M4 and continuing beyong Gordano services. That was a good half an hour’s worth. Then there was another between Sedgemoor services and Bridgewater. This meant that I didn’t get to Taunton Dean services until about 2pm, where I had lunch.

The roads were reasonably clear from then until the Bodmin bypass. That jam was at least half an hour’s worth.

Anyway, I finally arrived at about 5:30.

Anyway, time for bed.

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