No more news on the Uncle Bob front other than he’s eating again.

After a relaxed morning and a mixed grill lunch the weather was still nice so it was decided to go out. I got out the map and looked for a nice place to visit on a cool but sunny afternoon.

I decided upon Trengwainton Gardens, near Penzance, so we trundled off to there. Seeing that we are all National Trust members we got in for free.

For such an early time of the year there was a surprising amount of colour on show from the plants. Maybe this was due to the majority of the plants coming from Australasia. Out of the wind it was reasonably warm and it made a pleasant afternoon’s outing in the sunshine.

By comparison tonight’s been quite dull with nothing useful on the telly. I did manage to do a little maintenance at work, however, whilst tidying up my mailbox, mostly just making sure the spam filters keep working.

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