Yesterday’s data move went well and I was out of work by just gone 2pm. However, as soon as i got through the door at home I realised that I’d left my bag in my office. So, after I ate a sandwich for lunch, I had to drive back into work and collect it, and then drive straight back out again. It only took 45 minutes in total, but this was enough time for the Sun to go down. This was the time I had planned to use on the way home to wash my car. Oh well.

Anyway, today at work has mostly been a holding pattern after yesterday’s changes and this evening’s system shutdown. A bit boring really, especially as most people are away.

At 5pm May, my colleague, and myself started shutting things down and switching them off at the wall. It took an hour. Anyway, that’s all done. I’ve just got to worry about the correct order to power things up tomorrow afternoon now.

I would have a morning off tomorrow as the department is now closed if it weren’t for the Sun Technology Day in the Computing Labs, so if anything I have to get up slightly earlier.

Oh well.

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