Big Cat Diary

Well, Panther’s installed on my iMac now.

I had a few problems getting the automounter to work, but that was all configuration silliness on the Sun rather than on MacOS.

So, now the machine’s fully integrated on the network with NIS/YP for authentication and automounting NFS home directories.

As for the speed of operation. Well, it’s adiquate. I’m not sure I’d like to run the system on a slower machine or one with less memory (400Mhz G3, 390MB RAM). Overall, though, for a new OS on an old bit of hardware (iMac DV Summer 2000) it’s pretty impressive. Oh, and it comes with a half decent X server too! 😉

PS. (08:45am 21/11/03)
The best site i’ve found for MacOS X and NIS/NFS integration I’ve found is this one. Though I did replace their YP Makefile script with a perl script which does things a bit better under Solaris.

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