I got a puncture in the rear wheel tyre of my bike this morning when I was about a mile out from home. I was, however, only about a quarter of a mile from a bike shop. OK, so it was a bike shop I vowed never to use again after they took nearly 2 years to get a chain guard and then didn’t really fit it correctly. (Oh, and other problems when they attempted to fix my gears.) Still, there was no choice this time. I had to be in work to set up a digital projector before 10am, so I left the bike there.

I wish people wouldn’t leave bits of their vehicles laying in the road. This chunk was about 10cm long and 2cm wide, bent into a crescent and made of aluminium. it would have punctured a car tyre if a car had run over it. I don’t know how I failed to see it before I ran over it.

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