Happy birthday car.

Today was my car’s third birthday. So, happy birthday to it. It’s done 20550 miles so far in its short life.

The unfortunately, it also means that anything which breaks on the car now are my own problem as the warranty has now expired. Oh well. Oh, and I now have to join the AA as a personal member as well.

On other fronts, I had a rather nice dinner last night at the Bear and Ragged Staff pub/restaurant in Cumnor last night. The meal started with a rather large bowl of lovely, creamy soup followed by a “Barnsley Chop with crushed vegitables in a port sauce.” Yum. Again, the portiton was most generous, which meant that I couldn’t handle the desert course.

Tomorrow evening I’m off to Reading to meet up with Grim, Holly, Nobby (who’s just returned from S.Africa) and others for a meal and then The Matrix: Revolutions.

Tuesday evening will be spent in various pubs and a curry house in Oxford celebrating a friend’s birthday. I then have 3 nights off before Saturday when it’s another friend’s party.

OK, so it sounds as if I have a packed social life. Well, not quite, just like buses, you wait a long long time and then they all turn up at once. A point in case is that I got a second invitation for a night out in Oxford to see the last Matrix film on Monday but had to turn it down. However, I have no other social occations after next Saturday for the rest of the month, or indeed until the Christmas party season.

Oh yes, before I forget, I splashed out on a new domain name for my home systems on Friday… lingula.org.uk. All I have to do now is find out how to assign an address to it! (Oh and build and install a web server on my SPARCstation 4, build a web site and reconfigure my router.)

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