I was 2/3rds of the way through building KDE 3.1.3…

Guess what happened? Yes, that’s right, they flippin released 3.1.4 with security fixes!

Aaaaaargh! The b*stards!!!!

rm -rf kde-3.1.3
mkdir kde-3.1.4 kde-3.1.4/src
cd kde-3.1.4/src
wget -r ftp://……/*
cp kdebuildtools/* .
buildit >& build.out

2 thoughts on “Aaaargh!

    • Oh, what a fine wit you have there, mi’dear. (I took a peek at your LJ by the way.)

      Yes, I’m not exactly going through a particularly fun or sociable part of my life at the moment and have so little energy after work that I just don’t have any left for doing much else. If you add the problem that most of my friends now live quite a way away, you can see why my social life rather sucks.

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