Today’s been good, clean fun.

Well, even though I didn’t get to bed ’til gone midnight last night I was awake at about 7am with a mild sinus attack. So, while waiting for the anadin to take effect I decided to start the process of installing the recommended patches for Solaris 8 on my SPARCstation 4.

After a false start or two I got it going.. by which time it was 9am and time for Broadcasting House on Radio 4. It wasn’t worth going back to bed, so I went downstairs and made myself a cumberland chipolata(sp?) sarnie for breakfast. I’d cooked the sausages last night as I needed to cook the whole lot in one go and could only eat 5 of them.

Anyway, after Broadcasting house I put my mind to using the good weather to do the “big” washing, that is larger items which are best dried outside. Hence, I put the towels in the washing machine and discovered that I’d very little washing liquid left. Oh well.. I’ll have to go out again today.

In the meantime, while the patching was in process and the washing was being washed, I looked into installing the SCSI CDROM drive I’d bought from Scan for £12. I opened the SPARCstation 4 and discovered that I needed an internal SCSI cable and a mounting kit.. so I turned to the SS5 next to it. I hardly turn this on anymore so I decided to pillage it for parts. It’s an older SS5 so has the slimline CDROM drive, unlike the later SS4’s. Anyway, after slight modification of the mounting kit and transplanting the SCSI cable the CDROM was alive.

I had thought the drive bezel looked suspiciously like the colour for a Sun Blade 1000 when it arrived yesterday.. Well, probe-scsi confirmed my suspicions giving in part of the product info string “SUNX32”. Hmmm… Maybe Sun or Toshiba are dumping their excess CDROM stock.

So, a trip out to get washing liquid and failing to find anywhere to buy Blutac and a wash of the bed clothes later, along with watching telly and having dinner I find myself at the end of the day waiting for my skillet to soak so that I can finish cleaning that.

I’ve now two last tasks to do tonight. Firstly to put the rubbish out and lastly to make the bed.

Work again tomorrow. Hey-ho.

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