A world of wonder…

This evening I’ve been listening to Pink Floyd’s Meddle.

Once I got to the opening of track 6, Echoes, it reminded me of an early 70’s BBC popular science programme, the name of which escapes me, which used that opening sequence from the track as backing music for quite a lot of the shots. It made me remember how those science programmes used to make me feel. They instilled a sense of wonder and beauty.

I think that’s what’s missing from today’s cynical, sensational, in your face science programmes.. a sense of beauty and wonder.

I’m not sure that if I grew up today I’d have the same sense of curiosity and willing to try to understand things. Firstly, there are these awful current crop of science programmes and secondly there are no Open University programmes on inthe mornings, especially Sunday mornings, which I used to enjoy looking at and trying to understand.

I’m sure it’s a lot harder for people growing up these days to get a sense of awe from the Universe and the endeavour to understand it from the media. I can sort of see why media studies is becoming a more popular ‘A’ level and the sciences are becoming far less so. If there’s no wonder or beauty where’s the fun?

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