Excitement? What excitement?

Well, it’s a week since Cropredy finished.

In that time I’ve totally failed to arrange to go and see Terminator 3 and done little else, really.

Yesterday’s fun included getting my hair cut, disposing of the iMac at work which got drowned and buying a new, bigger and very much more quiet hard disk for my laptop.

It’s amazing how I coped with the old laptop disk for so long. Not only was it only 5GB which had to be split in two for Windows and Linux, so neither had enough space, but it was flippin noisey. I mean it whirred at a level that in a quiet house you could hear it in the bedroom upstairs when the machine was in the living room. It also clicked and clonked as it did its job. And no, it wasn’t faulty, it was merely the way an IBM Travelstar sounds.

The new disk is 40GB and you can hardly hear it in a quiet room when you’ve got the laptop on your lap. It also seems faster too.

As for today. Well, I’m going to be tidying a great deal. I’m also going to wash the car which seems to have a dust layer so thick that it’s more beige than black at the moment.

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