Well, as no doubt I’ve already said before, this year I decided to commute to the Cropredy Festival. I think this was a very good decision in the end seeing the weather we had. It was HOT, I mean nearly record breaking temperatures in an open field which is south facing. Commuting meant that I could get a decent sleep at night and, more importantly, could shower!

Anyway, other than the temperature, this year’s Cropredy was a little different in other ways as the attendance of those people I generally go to see was smaller than usual. Also, personal friction between two camps within the Hunt family due to a complicated friendship/ex-freindship thingy made the politics interesting. That and Lindsey being there with her new boyfriend fiancee (with whom she’s been going out for little more than 3 weeks!) meaning that we hardly saw the two of them meant that a lot of the time I was left holding the baby, both figuratively with respect to making sure the stuff on the field didn’t get knicked and actually as I had to entertain Thomas, Mel’s oldest, who’s a handful even at the best of times and doesn’t seem to know what the word “no” means.

The Hunt family also befriended their next-tent-neighbour on the camp site, Chris, who, with her 3 year old daughter, Joannah, spent all their time with our group. Again, I was called upon to be child minder for this sweet bundle of mischief. I didn’t mind that much minding Joannah as she’s not a handful and is a sweet little thing.

Although playing with kids is fun, after a while you do want to be able to get away from it. Also, if you do actually want to listen to music etc. it can become tiresome to be interrupted continuously. I know that if it was my own children it would be a different matter, but they weren’t and I wasn’t really expecting the 3 days to be full of child minding duty.

Also, the length of time I was left alone on the field site while others went and did other things such as shop, meaning that I couldn’t do or go anywhere myself ment that on the whole I didn’t enjoy Cropredy nearly as much this year.

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