I’ve been away on my hols…

Well, I’m back from two weeks of holidays in Cornwall. I had a fortnight of glorious wet weather.

Anyway, I’ll update this journal with the diary I kept while I was away once I’ve retrieved the text from my Psion and have forged it into the right format for here.

Am I glad to be back? Not really. The machines around here greeted me back by a few of them having fits or dying. Thankfully, the important one merely needed its firmware refreshing.

Back to the grind in the overly hot weather…

6 thoughts on “I’ve been away on my hols…

  1. Isn’t Cornwall so neat?
    My boyfriend grew up right on the border of Cornwall and I had the best fun spending a week there and Decon.

    Did you see anything extra neat?

    • Cornwall is really nice in the good weather. It’s lovely walking along the cliff tops and across the moors.

      However, unfortunately, it was rather wet most of the time I was down there with a lot of the time with there being drizzle so thick that it was like fog and would drench you the instant you went out, so I didn’t see much.

      I did manage to get out and walk one day and I did get one or two chances to take some photos. I’ll see about getting a few of the best ones on the web if you like.

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