The last week.

Well, what have I done in the last week?

Hmm, let’s see…

Socially, I’ve been to a BBQ on Saturday evening. It was Katie’s birthday
bash. Lots of nice food and good conversation. Friday night’s happy hour
was fun too, talking with John, Paul, Kat and her boyfriend.

Work’s been mostly setting up the teacher and 6th form student openday stuff.
It’s always an “interesting” experience as academics are hopeless at organising
things or doing things which might actually get students to want to come
here. Anyway, after much work by myself, one of the secretaries and a very
little help from the adademic in charge, something was thrown together. This
morning I took it all apart again.

I’ve bought 3 DVD’s in the past week. Two when getting Katie’s present on
Thursday, 2 for £20 in WHSmiths, Scooby-doo and Spiderman. OK, so Scooby-doo’s
not the world’s best film but it’s a lot better than I expected it to be.

Saturday brought the buying of the Goodies DVD. Much fun watching 1970’s
british slapstick humour it was too. Though, the Ecky-thump episode was nowhere
near as fun as i remember it and the DVD didn’t have the episode “Bun-fight
at the OK Tea-rooms” which I always thought of as a classic. Somehow I can
see why they’re now not shown on telly as there are quite a few things which
wouldn’t be concidered P.C. these days. Then again, they take the micky out
of all minorities (and majorities) equally. There’s a suprisingly forthright
homosexual subtext which I had never noticed before. It’s constantly made
out that Tim Brooke-Taylor’s character is gay but it doesn’t phase Grahame
Garden nor Bill Oddie. In fact they play on it. I thought that rather strikingly
daring, even for today’s telly. Some may think their treatment of coloured
people a little un-PC in some episodes, however, if you look at things as
a whole, they’re treated no differently than French, Italians, Germans, Scots,
or indeed any other people you can label. ie. the programme uses characatures
or everyone equally disrespectfully, so in that sense it’s totally non-racist.

I can’t think of anything else I’ve done of any note so I’ll shut up.

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