Week round-up.

So, what exciting things have I been up to since my last update?

Well, there’s been a little bit of moral support for 3rd years who were awaiting their results. I’ve done the annual department photograph. I’ve been to the pub on Friday night.

Other than this, I stuffed parts into my work machine (euclid) yesterday so that it now has ha;f a gig of memory and a DVD-ROM/CD-RW drive. Both the memory and the DVD-ROM/CD-RW drive were left-over parts from one of the research groups.

In the afternoon, after doing my normal shopping and getting an optical output cap for the DVD player, I popped off to the UCI High Wycombe cinema to see X-Men 2 (or as it should be titled, X2). It wasn’t such a bad film, better than the first. OK, it wasn’t a classic but it was fun.

I did want to cut the grass and wash the car today, but it’s a bit too hot for that. So, I’ve been reading and trying to get further in Unreal II.

I’m now about to watch the grand prix. I wonder if it’ll be interesting.

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