Oxford City Council’s wasting my money!

Well, about 6 months ago Oxford City Council resurfaced the Watlington Road with chippings and tar even though the road surface needed no repair. Chippings and tar are well known not to last very long. Indeed, they were almost worn off the surface by now. Well, they’ve done it AGAIN. Yes, 6 months after the first round of tar and chippings they’ve resurfaced it again with the same stuff. Not only this, they’ve done it on a day when the road was wet so the chippings will have even less chance of sticking to the road surface!

As a cyclist, the tar and chippings resurfacing is a real menace and a safety hazard. The chippings act as marbles making it dangerous to ride and cars and lorries throw them up into the cyclist’s face. I wish some councilors would cycle and not make such stupid, money wasting decisions. But I should merely look at the Oxford Transport Tragedy and the stupid way they’ve implemented useless and dangerous “cycle paths” to see how awful they are.

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