Wednesday already?

Well, it’s Wednesday morning. It’s nice and sunny, if a little chilly outside.

Now, what has been happening to me since my last confession? Let’s see…

Yesterday, I went to work. This isn’t particularly abnormal, however, being
invited to got and feed ducks (read “give ducks indigestion by feeding them
mouldy bread”) by two women is. This is what happened yesterday afternoon.

Basically, I was chatting to two of the 3rd year undergrads in the department
foyer about this and that and their stressing about exams etc. when at the
end of the cnversation, randomly, one of them, Kat, asked, “Does anyone want
to go and feed some ducks later?” It being a nice, sunny afternoon, Rachel
said yes and looked at me expectantly.. “Yeah, ok.” I said.

So, at about 6pm the three of us wandered into the University Parks, down
to the duck pond and started feeding the fowl… who them went into a feeding
frenzy. This wouldn’t have been so much of a problem if a couple of common
geese, a canada goose and a rather large male swan hadn’t have been in the
group. However, one athletic malard drake took the biscuit by being able
to jump int the air to catch peices of bread in mid air. Somehow, I think
he’s got a lot of practise of this maneuver.

This morning, whilst cycling past Computer Assistance on the Cowley Road,
I suddenly remembered that I’d forgotten to pick up an Amiga A500 I’d promised
to take from someone trying to get rid of his. I was supposed to turn up
on Monday evening at 7pm all the concern about ants and my house had pushed
it right out of my head. So, I’ve sent a very appologetic e-mail to the person
this morning. I wonder if he’s given it away to anyone else in the meantime.

Update: 10:15am

The bloke who was offering the Amiga e-mailed back saying that he’d given it to someone else. I didn’t much like the tone of his e-mail really. OK, I did forget to turn up but I appologised for this as much as is possible so there was no need to get shirty.

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