So, it’ll be Wednesday then.

Well, it’s Wednesday afternoon.

My bike’s in the bike shop for a second week running so that the Raleigh
rep. can come and look at it and see that the part he keeps bringing is the
wrong part. Last week he didn’t turn up. Both myself and the bike shop manager
is hoping he will this week. Yes, I’m still trying to get the replacement
chain guard for my bike. It’s only been a little over 18 months since I first
ordered it!

As for other things, not a lot is happening other than the nice, cold, sunny
weahter has changed into not so nice, cold, cloudy weather.

Alec might be popping over tonight to see or pick up last week’s buffy on video. I’m not sure which of the two it will be.

That’s about it, really. Other than I’m feeling surprisingly cheerful especially
considering I’ve hardly had any real human contact since last Friday evening.

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