Cor.. A Social life!

Well, I’ve just got in after a rather nice evening out with friends.

It started after work with me cycling home quickly, dumping my stuff, sitting down for a few minutes and then driving back to the department.

Having deposited my motor vehicle in the car park, I wandered over to a cash machine, got some money out, as you do and then preambulated to the Royal Oak public house to meet up with Paul and Jenn.

Others subsiquently arrived and much pepsi and other beveraged were imbibed. We then wandered as a group over to the Bombay curry house in Walton Street and had a jocular time eating and merry making.

Leaving the Bombay, the group split up and went their separate ways. I went along with John as Katie was wishing the two dutch girls who used to live at their house goodbye and I’d offered to give everyone a lift home.

So, off to the Tapas bar in Little Clarendon Street we did go. I was surprised to find in the aforementioned establishment not only Katie and the dutch girls but also Sam and a number of others.

I had to be sociable, so I sat down with the group and had a thoroughly good chat.

Following this, we all just had to go over the road to George & Davis’ Ice Cream Cafe. Well, you have to do these things, don’t you. Once there lots of ice cream was eaten. I just had some mango & passion fruit.. yum.

We said our good-byes, John, Katie and Sam wandered back to the departmetn with me and I dropped them off at home before coming back here.

I call that a good night out.

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