The first day of jury service.

After getting up at 6:30 am (blurgh!) I managed to get to the court on time.

For the morning session I sat in the juror’s waiting area, read my book,
looked at the walls and 3.75 hours later we were told that those of us not
picked for a jury so far could go to lunch and come back at 2pm.

Lunch was spent wandering around Oxford trying to find a cheapish place to
eat. I finally picked Aunty May’s Pasty shop where I had a very disappointing
Pork and Apple pasty which was mostly apple. This made me feel a little queezy
as I was already very tired from getting up so early and being litterally
bored sick.

I then popped over to Starbucks in Cornmarket to get some stimulant before returning to the court.

I then sat, waited and read until 3:05pm when I and 14 other people were
told that we had been picked as floating jurors for a case tomorrow and that
we could go home for the day. The poor people who had been picked almost
at the beginning of the day for a case had to still wait as all the stuff
before their case had overrun and overrun, so I was rather lucky.

Anyway, it seems that tomorrow I start being a juror properly.. that’s assuming
I’m picked for the final jury out of the 15 selected.

On the whole, today’s been a waste of time for all those who were called
for duty as only 12 people actually went into a court room, and they were
continuing a trial from last week!

I can see why the court system is gumming up with cases.

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