Cugh, cough. Splutter, splutter.

Well, things have happened over the last few days.

Firstly, a viral cough appeared on Thursday, my birthday. My parents also
arrived that evening. All good timing on the part of the virus. Ever since
I’ve not really felt well enough to do things and I still don’t.

My parents went back home this morning and I came into work to find that
our MX record had been deleted and hence we weren’t getting any external
e-mail or some internal ones either. Having sorted that out and various other
things I’m feeling rather less bouncy than I did even this morning. Indeed,
I feel as though the exercise has rejuvinated the virus. :-/

Anyway, other random happenings.. My uncle and aunt visited on Saturday afternoon
and evening to make Saturday a family get-together day. I recieved an e-mail
from one of the lecturers at 3pm-ish on Saturday telling me of a party that
evening to say farewell to one of the postgrads I know.. Of course I couldn’t
go due to the family commitments and the lack of warning.

And so, I continue to cough and not sleep much due to this. Blurgh!

I do hope the cough subsides before Thursday when I’m due to go out for a
meal with friends to celebrate my birthday (which was last Thursday).

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