Home at last

Well, I’ve managed to do all my jobs this evening and get something to eat.

As it turns out, Paul and Jen, his american girlfriend who’s over for a few weeks, were in at the time, so I had a rather nice chat with them.

I managed to get to Toys’R’Us by 8pm. They were fine about changing the iRacer.. other than they didn’t have any more in stock.. so I got a refund instead. Oh well, that just means I have only 1 iRacer instead of two. Not a major problem.

Thankfully, the Heyford Hill Sainsbury’s is open ’til midnight on weekdays. (It’s been swapping between 24 hours opening and 8pm closing within the last few months.) Hence, I also managed to get my shopping done.

I’m now sitting on my sofa relaxing watching Norm Abrams on the New Yankee Workshop making a table as there seems to be very little on. Beforehand I watched the first episode of Cowboy Be-Bop on CNX.. It must be the thrid time around as I saw near the start of the series when CNX first came on and the same episode again about a month ago.

I think I’ll let my dinner go down a bit and then go to bed.

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