Cropredy, gone but not forgotten.

Well, that’s the Cropredy music festival over for another year.

I’d like to thank all those who made it such an enjoyable event this year, dispite the weather’s best efforts to dampen things. So, thank-you to the sisters Hunt (I know two or you are nee Hunt, but hey! :-)), Eddie, Ian (smithi1), Jen (smiddly), Jim, Katrin, Tom (xencat), Shona, the wee kiddies, Alec (alecm), Nikki and the multitude of Steves.. You are all lovely, fun people to hide under tarpallings with! (I won’t mention anything about sausages, buns and skrumpy.)

(If I’ve missed anyone, by the way, it’s due to brain fade rather than anything else.)

I got home this morning at about 3:45am after managing to reach escape velocity from the mud with the help of one of the Steves and some passers by.

After some 5.5 hours sleep I managed to get up and unpack the car, phone my parents and generally get ready for the arrival of Lindsey, Stephy and Steve after they have left the festival this lunchtime. They arrived soon after I finished munching on the remains of the Nestle breakfast variety pack without milk. We trundled off into Oxford and joined up with Tom, Shona and little Tanaqui and ambled around Oxford for a little while until Lindsey and Stephy flaked out and needed to come back here to go home. I managed to get all the digital photos I’d taken over the festival onto CD for them to take with them.. one copy each.

The rest of the day has been taken up with napping and going to Sainsbury’s to do the weekly shop.

Work tomorrow.. back to reality.

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