Weekend wonders

finishing up the picture gallery stuff on Saturday (which I’ve since redone
and added a few more pictures, more of that later…) I went home and failed
to become hungry, so didn’t have anything to eat. The rest of the evening
was spent getting bored by the telly before getting an early night.

Sunday started well.. I slept in until about 11:30am. 🙂

After lunch and the weekly phone chat with my parents I was
going to wash the car and mow the lawn^H^H^H^Hgrass but I just felt too hemmed
in by the house and garden and so decided that I needed to find a nice place
to go play with my camera.

I first thought of going up to White Horse
Hill, but thought that as there was rain due and it was quite a distance
away that this wouldn’t be wise. Similarly, for meteological reasons, walking
the bit of The Ridgeway near Didcot was out. Then I thought.. hey, I’ve not
been to the Didcot Railway Centre since about 1981, let’s go there.

so I toddled up there in my car (which I think is having turbo problems yet
again as there’s absolutely no boost I can determine). I parked int he long
stay car park as instructed and then gumped at the cost.. £3.50! It was a
good thing, therefore, that all the ticket machines were out of action. 🙂
The second shock was the entrance charge, £6.50 for adults and £4.50 for
children, and I can’t pretend to be the latter any more. Still, I’d come
this far, so I duely paid up.

It was a pleasant afternoon wandering about the railway centre taking photos, which you can see on my Experiments photographic page.
Somehow, the place seemed to have gone down hill from when I last visited.
There seemed to be fewer coaches, fewer locomotives etc.

Anyway, today
is Monday and the start of another week. Other than a BBQ to go to on Saturday
evening, I have no plans.. but at least the job work load isn’t quite as
high as last week’s.

I think I’ll take my car down to the SAAB dealer
on Saturday morning for them to check out the turbo and possibly go into
Witney and get my hair cut then as well.

4 thoughts on “Weekend wonders

      • hello

        hi. im from the states. i live in scranton pennsylvania. its a nice place. gets pretty boring, but i deal. thanks for the link. ill have fun viewing your photographs. ive always wanted to go to europe. do you have an accent?

        • Re: hello

          We all have accents of some kind or another. No doubt you have a Pennsylvanian accent. Mine is probably close to what the movies portray as an English accent, but that would be for others to decide. England, and Britain in general has a very wide range of accents similar to the way that the USA has a large number. After all, you’d never mistake someone from South Carolina as being from Maine, would you?

          As for visiting Europe.. I’m sure you’d enjoy it. However, don’t think of Europe as being similar in structure to the USA as each of the countries are very dissimilar and it’s a loose affiliation of nations rather than states in the sense found in the USA. Each have a very distinct national identity, similar to the differences between the USA and Mexico.

          As for where you’re living being boring… no doubt everyone feels that way about anywhere they live after a while, even if others think they’re living in a whirlwind of activity.

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