A lazy Saturday afternoon.

It’s Saturday afternoon.. So far today I’ve managed to get up and get dressed, I’ve got the grass in the back garden cut. After watching the qualifying for tomorrow’s Grand Prix I did the weekly shop and now, after eating lunch I’m couch potatoing.

Sometimes it’s so nice not to have any plans at all. Later today I’ll probably wander into town and see if I can get the latest Terry Pratchett book cheap in Borders or W.H.Smiths. Then again, I might not bother.. the choice is all mine.

All that washing of my car last week were all to no avail. The starlings which seem to use my TV aerial as a perch and/or latrine have managed to hit every panel on my car except the rear driver’s side door.. but they obviously tried, as there’s an indication of a missed impact on the tarmac beside the door. Maybe I should stick a van-de-graaf generator on the aerial and zap those little birdies. The stuff they got on the windscreen wouldn’t even wash off with the help of the wipers along with the washer fluid.. I think they must be using some sort of superglue or polymer resin.

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