Thank goodness, it’s Thursday!

It’s Thursday evening already!

The week’s flown by, well other than then continuing hassle of trying to build KDE 3.0. I got the Linux build mostly done, the only problem being that the helpfiles didn’t work. The Solaris build got stuck in kdelibs with some very terminal errors. I’ll start from scratch on both of these and document the failures so I can pass them on as bug reports.

I see On/ITV Digital have finally died. I’m not that surprised, really. They rushed to market about 6 months to a year before the technology was ready because otherwise they would have been left in the dust of SkyDigital. Unfortunately, because the technology wasn’t fully ready they weren’t really up to compete anyway. Well, that and Sky had the resources behind it to kill the competition using marketting and loss-leading which On Digital just couldn’t do.

Still, it is quite sad. The technology had potential and the user front-end, IMHO, was far better than the one on Sky set-top boxes.

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