And then..

Hmm.. shall I do one of those “…and then…” lists of events type entries or something different?

Maybe I should try something different.. a scrambled, random temporal line of events and just leave the order of events as a puzzle.

I visited a nice Indian restaurant and had a fun time.

I slept most of the morning and then pootled around the garden attacking defenseless and not so defenceless plants with saw and secateurs.

I had a fun time in London at the By The Gods thingy. Lumch was going to be Moroccan but due to the chef of the restaurant not being ready we had to eat in Pizza Express instead where I cheesed off the waiter by politely asking for a clean glass when he brought a dirty one.. he was surly from then on. Despite that Maureen thought we should tip anyway.

I was invited out for the evening unexpectedly by a couple of friends who couldn’t make it to my celebration of 10 years here in Oxford. The evening turned out to be “interesting” as after we’d finished eating the two of them started getting into an argument over their current living situation which ended in tears. Myself and the other two guests tried not to listen and have our own conversation and keep out of the war.

I’ve decided that after reviewing my feelings that recently I’ve not had any strong ones at all. Never mind.. they just get in the way anyway. I guess that means I’m comfortably numb or something.

What brought this on was the realisation that I didn’t actually fancy anyone at the moment.. sort of zero libido effect. Maybe it’s just that there’s no-one fanciable at the moment or maybe I’m just going through an a-sexual phase. Dunno. It’s not really a problem, I guess.

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