One more day.

Only one (and a bit) more day at work ’til I’m off for a fortnight. Yippee!

Tonight I’m out celebrating a couple of friends’ birthdays.. they happen to be partners too, separated by one year of existance precisely. Jenn is a year older than Paul.

As it turns out, the boyfriends of two of the other attendees for tonight’s festivities also have their birthday on the same day (25th March).. I wonder what exciting day is precisely 9 months before the that day? It must be something global seeing as the people involved are American, English, Dutch and German.

The weekend looks like it’s going to be fun, visiting Alec along with a number of the BTG crowd to eat, make merry, watch video and maybe even do a little star gazing if the skies clear.

After that, it’s off down to my parents’ place in Cornwall. Actually, it’s a little more complex than that as I’m giving a lift to one of the 4th year undergrads and her boyfriend. She’s from a litel village just outside Redruth, so it’s only a little diversion, and it’s always nice to have company on a long journey.

Two weeks of doing very little actually sounds really good at the moment.. 2 weeks away from work.

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  1. I wonder what exciting day is precisely 9 months before the that day?

    June 25th. I can’t work it out either. Maybe people are trying to have kids on December 25th and get their maths the wrong way round?

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