Cold comfort?

Well, it’s Saturday.

Thankfully, I got a better night’s sleep last night, though at one point I did wake up totally soaked in sweat and had to change the bed linen. (How can anyone sweat THAT much?)

My nose tap has started to slow down now, but it’s going to the slightly gooey stage. Now, of course, I’m getting to the coughing time 🙁

As for things I did today. Tom (xencat) phoned asking if I was feeling well enough to meet up at Gloucester Green for a day out. Although at the time I was feeling a great deal better than I had been.. I actually had some working brain cells and didn’t feel as though I was high as a kite, I decided that I wasn’t really up to a whole day out and also didn’t want to risk giving this awful cold to Tom, Shona or either of the Tanaqui’s so declined the offer. This was probably a good thing as later on during my shopping I started feeling iffy again.

Anyway, I popped into the All Formats Computer Fair to see if there was anything useful in their second hand stalls.. there wasn’t, and I was disappointed to discover that the £1 off tickets are only valid until the next fair, which means that it doesn’t give the dates for the following months, which I really wanted all along.

I then popped into town, bought a new jumper, diverted into the Virgin Megastore and saw that they were selling 2 DVD’s for £11, 5 for £50 or £15.99 each.. if you work this out it means that if you buy two then they are £11 each or £10 each if you buy 5.. Seeing as (a) it’s not much better buying 5 v 2 and (b) there weren’t 5 DVDs in the offer which I wanted, I managed to find 2 and buy them: Stargate (Director’s Cut) and In The Line of Fire (Collector’s Edition).

Neither of the DVDs have wonderful extras.. I dunno why the Clint Eastwood film is the collector’s edition as it’s not got mant special features at all and the one thing it does have which isn’t a trailer has marginal connection to the film.

Anyway, After this I trundled off home played with the DVD’s a bit and waited ’til 1pm so as to allow the crouds to subside from Sainsbury’s. Thence, it was Sainsbury’s shopping, where I forgot the milk, so after watching Stargate with the comentary popped down to Tesco’s for the milk.

The evening has been spent watching In The Line of Fire followed by Galaxy Quest on Sky Premier Widescreen and the last half of Charmed.

Hmm.. it seems like the actors from the BBC comedy “Coupling” are doing supernatural drama now.. “Strange”

(That’s all I can describe seeing the actor who played the sex crazed welsh lout in Coupling looking the same and playing an ex-priest fighting evil, whilst the woman who played one main love interest in Coupling trying to defend her son from an electricity demon. And I’m sure the demon was played by an actor who had a bit part in Coupling too.)

Anyway, it’s now 10:30 and I thing I shall try to go to bed and sleep after a mug of Lemsip.

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