Webserver madness!

This weekend has been a bit of a hell.

Saturday was meant to be a quick upgrade of the webserver from RedHat Linux 6.1 to 7.2.

  1. The upgrade failed due to there being too little space in ‘/’ because the Linux distrobutions are getting more and more bloated.. and I was trying to install a minimal system.. which takes a mere 2 gigabytes.. yes, adn that was highly stripped down!
  2. The abortive upgrade did nasty things to file permissions.
  3. Although the subsiquent installation of Mandrake 8.1 went without a hitch, I didn’t notice the filesystem permissions mess left by the upgrade, so I wasted 4 hours trying to find out why apache couldn’t serve any web pages.
  4. Portsentry is very good at its job.. rather too good, actually, it even blocks hosts you tell it to ignore.. and there’s no real documentation.. so the web server stopped serviving anything.. KILL! KILL! KILL! This wasted a couple of hours on Sunday trying to work that out!

So, that was 11 hours in work on Saturday and another 2 on Sunday. Plus I didn’t sleep well Saturday night due to my head still full of web server thoughts ‘cos I didn’t get home ’til 9pm and couldn’t relax.

I’m feeling rather knackered this morning due to this, even though I did give myself a nice 2 hour lay-in.

The good things to come out of the weekend were:-

  1. I bought a Creative 3D Blaster GeForce 3 Titanium 200 graphics card to replace my aging ATI Expert@play + Voodoo 2 in my games PC.
  2. I bought Windows 98SE so I could replace Windows 95 OSR2 on said machine.
  3. I finally got to swap out my old 6GB disk in the machine for the 18GB one I’d had as a slave and reconfigure the box more cleanly. This also meant that I could bring my IDE Zip drive back into use because the old 6GB Seagate wouldn’t allow anything else to work on the same IDE channel as itself for some unknown reason, so there was no place to plug the Zip drive in and have it work.

All I need now is a weekend.

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