Monday again.

I s’pose I’d better give a life status update, seeing it’s Monday.

During the last week I’ve.. not done a great deal.


  • Saturday Evening visited some friends in Wheatley, had dinner, played Scrabble&trade, Yahtzee and talked.
  • Sunday failed to clean house as got trapped setting up a SPARCstation 4 running Solaris 8 and not geting KDE 2.2 running from dtlogin but working fine from the command line.

As you can see, my life is going through an amazingly exciting patch. Still, I’m not really complaining as if it were interesting it would probably be more painful as well. As it is I’m comfortably happy with no emotional worries or ties.

Plans for the rest of the week are as follows:-

  • Try to throw off the tiredness I’ve had of late
  • Watch some telly
  • On Saturday, upgrade the departmental web server so that it’s running a more modern Redhat version with PHP4.

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