Weekly update?

Seeing as I seem to only really update this thing on Mondays, here’s the weekly update:-
Nothing happened.

Actually, this is not quite true as quite a lot of things happened, it’s just that they were all mundane.. well, excpet one or two thigns at the weekend, which I’ll get to in a bit.

OK, basically, weekdays are totally boring and mundane, weekend days sometimes aren’t and this weekend’s set of days wasn’t.

Saturday: Went to Witney, got my hair cut, popped into the Blockbusters and got an ex-rental DVD of Shrek for £9.99. Journied back to Oxford and shopped in Sainsbury’s (mundane). Got home, had lunch, put away groceries (but not necessarily in that order) and phoned Alec about his suggestion about visiting him he’d made on Bullet on the Friday afternoon. Toddled over to Hartley Wintney to visit Alec. Nattered, geeked and ate the rest of the day away finishing off with watching the whole of series 1 of the BBC comedy series “Coupling” which was very funny.. Why did I miss it when it was on BBC 1? Stayed overnight at Alec’s.

Sunday: Got up, washed, had breakfast of corn flakes and honey followed by tomates and cheese on toast. Scoured Alec’s bird table with his new high-pressure washer. Toddled over the Rachel & Grahams’ to play with Christopher, socialise and enjoy Rachel’s cooking of pheasant. More playing with christopher, talking, looking at Ikea catalogues, fun with large balloons ensued finished off with watching Time Team and eating cocnut (fresh) before it was Christopher’s bedtime and time to leave for Alec and myself. I dropped off Alec at his place then drove home. Cleared up a bit, put the rubbish out, couldn’t be bothered with the washing up (there’s enough crocks for the morning), went to bed, read and slept.

And thus the weekend finished.

Sorry, there’s no angst to report, so the banality of my journal continues.

Obviously, on-one’s cursed me with the old Chinese curse “May you live in interesting times.” recently, thank goodness.

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